Monday, August 1, 2016

Abbreviations For Cooking & Book Review

Abbreviations for Cooking (Recipes) Book Review

I know that there may be a few out there new to cooking and don’t quit get the whole recipe language so I thought to write them down for you and make your cooking and baking more easier to get to.

Never have too much or too little to your recipes

Practice makes perfect when it comes to cooking. Don’t wait till your hosting a dinner party to try a new dish. Fix a number of times before hand so that you can tweak it to your satisfaction and so that you know how to time everything perfectly.

This is a great tip I got out of another book called Chick Living frugal and fabulous, by Kris Koederitz Melcher

I really like to check these books out at the library they have great info on budgeting, living alone and so many more great tips.

In back of book find out what should be,

Under your kitchen sink
In your bedroom closet
On your dining room table
In your bank account

Movie Review *The Road*

The Road

I am the kind of girl who likes to watch a movie that has the same characters doing different stories in one movie and this has to be a very good movie. It is in subtitles but the story is great.

The characters play the parts excellent, there are allot of twists and plane strangeness going on with this story, so if you like foreign movies that are of mystery horror I say give this a shot and see what you think.

It has you on your toes till the end.  I gave it 5 stars

Movie Review *Shadow People*

Shadow People Movie Review

I rented this movie at the library and it was not that good. I thought it might have a great story line to it but it just didn't. I have seen many movies of this subject but for me this was not that good at all.

I have to say 2 1/2 stars :( although you might like it you never know.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blogging For Dummies

13 Blogging Applications For You To Try

 I have to tell you I have another book that I got at the library " Blogging All-In-One for Dummies" Now don't let the title fool you and say I know what I'm doing I don't need this book  like I did when I always seen it (laughs)

So the librarian told me she had only one book on blogging and I didn't know it was this one so I said Ok, when she returned she had Blogging for Dummies. I thought to myself ‘Oh Great' the book I never wanted to read.

Well let me tell you I am still going over all the chapters and it  has so much information that some of the information I see on bloggers site for learning blogging is not there but in this book. I guess the saying is true never Judge a Book by Its cover.

Author: Susan Gunelius, Author of Google Blogger For Dummies

If you would like great information on blogging this is the book, unless there is one I have missed please let me know. If more good information comes my way I will share it :) Happy Blogging

Blogging Applications:












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Book Review 2 " City Chic"

Book Review 2
 Author: Nina Willdorf

Title: City Chic the Moderns Girl's Guide to Living Large on Less

Genre: Women & Young Adult Women

Book 2 is another interesting book I found in the same section as the first book. This book talks about living on your own for the first time and what to do and how to budget your money.

This book is very helpful for the girls moving on their own for the first time, even if you’re still in your parents’ home and you have your own room.

A must read book if you would like to manage your money and lifestyle. The tips also have good links for you to check out and I did check them out and I liked them.

I use them before and still do at times. Thrift Shops are my fav.
So if you’re looking to save money and spend on a budget this is a must read. I give 5 Stars.

Book Review "How To Walk In High Heels"

Book Review 1

 Author: Camilla Morton

Title: How to Walk in High Heels

Genre: Women & Young Adult Women

At times I like to find books on self help in this genre. I went to the library the beginning of this month April and found 2 fun books. This book dealt with how to's and not's on dressing and appearances.

It is a very interesting book and has a lot of great tips for us women going on interviews or everyday outings. The tips have to be my favorite, and I would recommend this book to all the women out there that would like to try changing there appearance and have fun with a new fresh look.

It never hurts to try a new fun style sometimes:)  5 Stars from me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

15 Writing Prompts

We all at times have a hard time to think of what to write. I have collected a few Prompts along the way to share with you so that your block may be broken.

I have 15 interesting prompts for you to try. Have fun and create.

1. All I have left is this photo.

2. Just a brief encounter.

3. Hidden away in the back of a drawer.

4. The one thing I will never forget.

5. Imagine a whopper of an excuse why you didn't finish your homework.

6. A hot dog, Skateboard, and a Rose.

7.I'm terribly late darling.

8. She runs towards him.

9. He walked of with the.

10. Struggling with herself not to faint.

11. He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw..

12. You walk into your house and it's completely different furniture, decor, all change and nobody home.

13. When nobody was looking.

14. Of course it was illegal.

15. He read his wife's diary and discovered.